Laser Kombat is an exciting laser tag game for adults and children alike and is not only a great day out, but the ultimate birthday party experience as well.


Suit up with themed jackets and specially designed backpacks which impressively keep track of how many times you shoot your opponents, and how many times you get shot yourself!


Using high tech laser weaponry, dodge fire and stalk opponents through haze filled battle zones. Race about and gain points either individually or as part of a team to see who wins the battle for overall supremacy. Guns can be modified to accommodate both a 7 year old’s party or a Corporate adult team building exercise!



Our trained Laser Tag team will give you a fun briefing session on how to play Laser Kombat as well as be on hand during the game to ensure all is fair on the battlefield! At the end of your game you can pick up a scoresheet from reception to compare results with your fellow Laser Kombat operatives.


  • All participants in the Laser games whatever their ages MUST attend the briefing session to ensure fair play and top safety!
  • Our Laser Tag arena is suitable for everyone from aged 7 years and over and we can accommodate up to 40 players (40 children or 30 adults).
  • Each Laser Tag game will last for 20 minutes and you are expected to arrive 15 before your Laser arena game is due to start to make sure that you have briefing session.
  • Please note that not all parties are exclusive and other children may be in the Laser Kombat area with you unless you are taking part in an Exclusive Birthday or club Party.
  • We recommend that anyone who is pregnant does not take part in Laser Kombat.

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